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Conferences and Seminars

A busy programme of conferences and seminars featuring Judaica Europeana has unfolded since the launch of the project in February 2010. A full list of events in Amsterdam, Berlin, Florence, Ravenna and Jerusalem can be seen at A few highlights:

A Seminar on Digital Access to Jewish Collections in Germany took place in the imposing building of the Pergammon Museum in Berlin in March. The seminar was held jointly by the European Association for Jewish Culture (EAJC) and the Institute for Museum Research, Berlin (SMB). Presentations by Dr Rachel Heuberger (Goethe University, Frankfurt), Lena Stanley-Clamp (EAJC, London) and other speakers can be accessed at

Judaica Europeana was featured in the programme of the World Congress on Information Technology in Amsterdam on 25-27 May, which brought together the world's leading people from industry, government and academia in the field of ICT. Dov Winer of the EAJC gave a paper on ‘Judaica Europeana: Content, Semantics and Meaning for Creative Industries’. WCIT organizers recognized the potential of Judaica Europeana in the Internet-age society. The use and re-use of the digitized content and the cutting-edge APIs (application programming interfaces) Europeana is developing (which include access by mobile platforms) will open up the Judaica archive to a myriad of possibilities for creative industries and cultural tourism.

Coming up on 28 July is a session on Jewish urban life at the IX Congress of European Jewish Studies in Ravenna, which will highlight research by Judaica Partners based on the Judaica archive.

Also in Ravenna, at the University of Bologna Campus, a Judaica Europeana Digital Humanities Workshop will be held on 30 July. Judaica Europeana will make available online a vast archive of books and documents on modern Jewish history and culture. The growing availability of digital objects online is paving the way to a radical change in research and teaching. In order to take full advantage of this environment, scholars need to become familiar with the tools and architecture of the Web in the same way they needed to learn the instruments of the paper world. The aim of this Workshop is to introduce Jewish studies scholars to the repertoire of digital tools that are becoming a standard part of the toolbox of historians and other researchers and teachers.

Professor Antony Polonsky (Brandeis University) is the academic convenor of this event and the programme has been developed by Matteo V. d'Alfonso (University of Bologna and Member of Management Committee COST Action-A 32 Open Scholarly Communities on the WEB).

In November, Judaica will be featured at a forthcoming conference at the National Library of Israel and at the EVA-Minerva Conference in Jerusalem.

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