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Torn Poster by Dorothy Bohm
Torn Poster London, by Dorothy Bohm, photograph on paper, 1990. From the digital exhibition The Anguish of Being a Woman – Women Artists in the Ben Uri Collection, courtesy of Ben Uri Museum, London.

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The growth of digital collections offers huge opportunities to scholars, curators and anyone ready to mine these resources. The users’ experience in navigating the countless collections can be greatly enhanced by an integrated access via digital services platforms such as Europeana, which gives access to over 30 million objects. In this newsletter, we present the collections of our partners and recent work by the Judaica Europeana network in collaboration with other projects in the Europeana ecosystem.

For the past four years, Judaica Europeana has been working on linking Jewish heritage collections to Europeana’s huge database in order to make this content easily discoverable and enriched by the latest technology.

Searching for specific content in Europeana can be made using filters: Subject or Title, Creator, Date or Place. These search functions have support for different spellings and languages. Phrase search is also possible. The results can be filtered further by media type, language, date, country, copyright and provider. The results will depend, of course, on the quality of metadata provided by the collection holders.

Metadata enrichment is a challenge Judaica Europeana partners continue to address. For example, two digital collections of Hebrew Manuscripts and Incunabula from the Judaica Division of the Frankfurt University Library have been uploaded recently in the enriched format of the Europeana Data Model. This means they can be searched in Hebrew letters as well as in transliteration.

Karamazov Poster
The Brothers Karamazov, Kaminski Theatre, Warsaw's Jewish Art Theatre under the direction of Ida Kaminska and Zygmunt Turkow. Opening night on 11 March 1927. YIVO.

Judaica Europeana at the Xth Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies in Paris
A session on New perspectives on Jewish and non-Jewish relations in modern European culture based on Judaica Europeana digital collections on 21st July 2014 will bring to light captivating material and scholarship. The panel has been convened by Lena Stanley-Clamp, the Coordinator of Judaica Europeana and will include Frank Mecklenburg on ‘When German Jews were Germans: family relations, business and political involvement from 1871-1933 in the light of the Leo Baeck Institute Archives' collections’; Rachel Heuberger on ‘Jewish patronage in non-Jewish society. The history of the Rothschild Library in Frankfurt on Main from paper to online’ and Lyudmila Sholokhova, who will speak on ‘Evolving Yiddish audiences’ interest in theatre in Europe in the 19th – 1st half of the 20th centuries: Yiddish plays in the YIVO Library digital collections’.

Feeding Digital Humanities
Judaica Europeana has been promoting Digital Humanities at conferences in Jerusalem, Ravenna, Hamburg, Berlin, London and elsewhere. The growth of digitized sources, the web of Linked Open Data and the new research tools have the potential to revolutionize Jewish Studies, which have been slow in taking up this opportunity. In the paper entitled 'Feeding Digital Humanities', which he presented at the EVA International Conference in Florence, Dov Winer, Scientific Manager of Judaica Europeana, argues strongly for the establishment of Virtual Research Environments and collaborative Communities of Practice that could be supported by the resources developed by Judaica Europeana and the DM2E project. The challenge is to involve the relevant communities of scholars in Jewish Studies in using these new resources.

Photo of R Heuberger and J Sarna
16th World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, July 2013: Rachel Heuberger with Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University, who chaired the panel on New Techniques for Promoting Jewish Studies.
Marko Knepper
Marko Knepper, Head of IT, Frankfurt University Library at the Eva Minerva conference in Jerusalem.

EVA Minerva Israel: the Xth Jerusalem Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage
A session devoted to the progress of Judaica Europeana and our contribution to the DM2E project was held at this landmark conference last November in Jerusalem. The presentations included: Rachel Heuberger of the Frankfurt University Library on new Jewish content uploaded to Europeana; Esther Guggenheim of the National Library of Israel, who is Judaica Europeana’s Technical Coordinator, and Marko Knepper of the Frankfurt University Library on mapping the metadata schema of Jewish resources to Europeana Data Model; Shachar Beer, JDC, World Archives and Mary Heberle, JDC Archives on the digitization of the archives. Dov Winer of EAJC spoke about plans for a Judaica Digital Humanities network.

Unlocking Sources: JDC Global Archives at a Europeana Conference
An international conference Unlocking Sources: the First World War Online and Europeana held in Berlin last January included a presentation by Linda Levi, Director of JDC Global Archives. The presentation featured documents and photographs of the hardship suffered by war victims and of the humanitarian relief brought to European Jews by the JDC. The conference highlighted Europeana’s crowd-sourcing campaign and its thematic website on the First World War, which includes some digital content from Judaica Europeana partners.

War Sufferers Poster
A fundraising campaign poster, 1917, JDC Archives.
Transmission Bureau Office, New York
Click to enlarge: People queuing to send relief donations to relatives in Europe at the Transmission Bureau Office, New York, circa 1921, JDC Archives.
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