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AthenaPlus: a platform for extending access to Jewish digital collections

The Judaica Europeana partners collections that will be uploaded to Europeana through the AthenaPlus project include the JTS Library, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Steinheim Institute in Essen, and the Ben Uri Museum in London. On its first anniversary, the project uploaded 800,000 metadata ― a big step toward reaching a target of 3.6 million records.

AthenaPlus is a Best Practice Network with 40 institutional partners in 21 European countries. Its main objective is to make cultural heritage more widely accessible through Europeana. By sharing experience from hundreds of experts from all over Europe, the project supports the development of new applications for digital heritage.

AthenaPlus conferences
AthenaPlus project partners at meetings in Berlin and Bucharest.

Creating virtual exhibitions with MOVIO
This new application for staging online exhibitions has been designed to provide a user-friendly tool and accessible training materials. The WYSIWYG text editor, which stands for 'What You See Is What You Get', allows the user to edit the web pages similarly to using a word processing application. The training materials on how to get started include:

  • Getting started: a simple overview of things to keep in mind before creating a virtual exhibition using MOVIO.
  • Manual pages: text and screenshots on how to work with the various MOVIO components.
  • FAQ videos: short tutorial videos that answer MOVIO-related Frequently Asked Questions.
  • MOVIO exhibition: digital exhibition created to illustrate the different MOVIO components.

MOVIO automatically manages multilingualism. It is possible to add an unlimited number of new languages to MOVIO. Its Media Archive handles multimedia material with ease.

The Movio video tutorials can be accessed here.

Movio animation
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Cultural tourism applications
AthenaPlus also looks into the development of cultural tourism routes applications. An educational toolbox is planned to enable experimentation for the tourism and education sectors. Project partners organise workshops and training to support museums and other institutions in making their digital content accessible to everyone.

Deliverables published on include surveys and reports on digital tools and devices for narrative approaches, terminology management, metadata ingestion and the first release of AthenaPlus tools.

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Self Portrait by Isaac Rosenberg
Self Portrait in a Steel Helmet by Isaac Rosenberg, black chalk and wash on paper, 1916, courtesy of Ben Uri Museum, London. Rosenberg is regarded as one of the finest war poets of his generation.
Self Portrait painting by Max Herman
Self Portrait by Max Herman Maxy, oil on canvas, 1932, private collection, Creative Commons Licence: public domain.
From Dada to Surrealism: Jewish Avant-Garde Artists from Romania 1910-1938, virtual exhibition on Europeana from the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, a Judaica Europeana partner.

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