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Minute book of the Talmud Torah Society
Minute book of the Talmud Torah Society, Riga, Latvia, 1867 – 1959, CAFHJP.

Synagogue in Hoechberg, Germany
The Harburger collection – Interior of the Synagogue in Hoechberg, Germany, photographed by Theodor Harburger in 1930, CAFHJP.

The NLI is investing important resources in developing its digital collections through the digitization of its holdings, the acquisition of born-digital material and by increasing access to collections of other institutions through digital collaborations worldwide. A central partner in Judaica Europeana, the NLI is providing critical technical support to our new content providers.

The National Library of Israel (NLI) and the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) have recently announced a merger between the two institutions. For over 120 years, the NLI has been collecting, preserving and making accessible one of the world’s most significant collections of Hebraica and Judaica. The merger will strengthen both institutions and eventually provide improved access to the overwhelming collections of the CAHJP. The CAHJP was founded over 70 years ago in Jerusalem by a group of historians and public figures, who sought to preserve the historical heritage of the Jewish people. Over the years the CAHJP managed to collect the archives of thousands of communities, organizations, families and Jewish personalities from 64 countries. Its current holdings consist of over 60 million pages of original material from the 14th - 20th century, with an additional 18 million frames of microfilm.

Frankfurt Ledger
Frankfurt Ledger (Pinkas), end of 18th Century, National Library of Israel.

NLI’s mission is to collect and preserve treasures of knowledge, heritage and culture, with an emphasis on the State of Israel and pre-state history, and the Jewish people.  The NLI plays a transformative role, opening its physical and virtual gates to people of all nations and religions, and serving a broad population of users in Israel and globally. As part of its renewal, the NLI has updated its collection strategy, deciding to strengthen its archival collections by merging with the most important archive for the history of the Jewish people. The merging process will last several years, eventually transferring the collections of the CAHJP to the National Library of Israel's new building.

Detail from the Frankfurt Ledger
Excerpt from a communal ledger (Pinkas) from Frankfurt, which lists payments, obligations, and exemptions for each household in the Judengasse from about 1720 until 1740, National Library of Israel.
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