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Children in Linz waiting for new homes
Children waiting to move into their new homes in the Bindermichl Project apartments - a DP camp in Linz, Austria, 1945, JDC Archives.

First Kosher meat for Poland 1919The first shipment of (kosher) meat for the relief of the starving of Poland. New York, 1919, JDC Archives.

Highlights from the collections:

  • Aid to the Jewish community in Palestine during World War I and thereafter
  • Reports on conditions in Eastern Europe in the interwar period
  • Transatlantic sailings -- the SS St. Louis, Navemar, Serpa Pinto and others
  • Relief efforts for refugees in overseas havens during World War II
  • JDC activities in the DP camps of Germany, Austria and Italy
  • Registration cards of survivors aided by the JDC Emigration Service in Munich and Vienna
  • Operation Magic Carpet (Yemen) and other rescue efforts
  • Jewish life and JDC programs in North Africa and the Middle East
  • The JDC-MALBEN welfare program for new immigrants to Israel after 1948
  • JDC activities in Eastern Europe in the Communist period

The JDC Archives

The JDC Archives houses the records of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (also known as ‘the Joint’), an American organization that has operated in over 90 countries, bringing aid to individuals and communities in need. These records, dating back to 1914, are an invaluable resource for the study of modern Jewish history that is open to scholars, journalists, authors, curators, genealogists and the general public.

Pictures from the JDCNY

The archives include over three miles of text documents, 100,000 photographs, a research library of more than 6,000 books, 1,100 audio recordings and oral histories, and over 2,500 videos. Text collections feature minutes, reports, correspondence, eye-witness accounts, speeches, press releases, news dispatches, telegrams and passenger lists.

Refugees boarding the S.S. Mouzinho, Lisbon
Jewish refugees board the S.S. Mouzinho in the port of Lisbon, 1941, JDC Archives.

The JDC Archives web portal provides access to a database containing nearly two million digitized pages of primary source textual material, along with over 55,000 images from the JDC photo collection. Researchers are invited to visit the JDC Archives in New York or Jerusalem to explore archival holdings in microfilm or digital format.

The Archives’ database currently includes 500,000 names found in historic documents and lists of individuals helped by the JDC. A selection of photo galleries reflects the extraordinary range of the Joint’s impact on the lives of Holocaust survivors and of Jews fleeing Nazism and the Communist takeover of Eastern Europe immediately following the war.

The JDC Archives is a partner in the Judaica Europeana network. The integration of its collections’ metadata in Europeana is scheduled for the current year in the framework of the DM2E project.

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