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Conferences, seminars and other news

Judaica Europeana holds partners’ meetings, workshops, conferences and other events. The partners participate in conferences on Jewish studies, workshops on the latest developments in knowledge management and web technology, as well as Europeana working groups.

NLI conference
Participants at the NLI Conference, Jerusalem, 4-6 June 2012 © National Library of Israel.

An international seminar entitled Judaica Europeana 2012-15: integrated access to Jewish heritage collections was held on 3 June 2012 in Jerusalem to discuss the opportunities for digital collection holders created by Judaica Europeana. The event was hosted by the National Library of Israel on the occasion of the International Conference Curating and Cultivating Exchange.

NLI dinner Oren Weinberg (NLI) and Lena Stanley-Clamp (EAJC) at the NLI Conference dinner © National Library of Israel.

After a warm welcome from Oren Weinberg, NLI’s Chief Executive Officer, the highlights of the Judaica Europeana collections were presented by Lena Stanley-Clamp (EAJC). Dov Winer gave a presentation on ‘Digital humanities and Jewish collections’ with a focus on controlled vocabularies as hubs of knowledge. Ido Ivri (NLI) spoke about the challenges of the project ‘Digital Manuscripts to Europeana’ in relation to the new technology for Linked Data. Yitzhak Teutsch (JDC Archives, Jerusalem) gave an overview of the ‘Digitization of the JDC Archives’. Laura Leone (CJH, New York) spoke about the ‘Digital programme of the Center of Jewish History’. Luydmila Sholokhova (YIVO) presented the YIVO Institute’s digital projects and Frank Mecklenburg presented Leo Baeck Institute’s new digital archive. The participants included some 60 librarians and archivists from universities and other institutions around the world.

Other events

The annual EVA/MINERVA International Conference on Digital Heritage held in Jerusalem on 13-14 November featured Judaica Europeana. Other events are planned for 2013: a digital humanities workshop at the British Library in London and a session at the 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

Fellowships offered by Judaica Europeana partners

A new page on the JE website is available to the network partners to publicize fellowships and grants.

Prins Foundation Post-Doctoral and Early Career Fellowships

The Center for Jewish History invites foreign scholars who seek permanent teaching and research positions in the United States to apply for this award, which will support 12-month fellowships for scholars who are at the beginning of their careers. More about the Fellowships

NLI conference
Emile Schrijver and Rachel Boertjens of Biblioteca Rosethaliana, Amsterdam; Zsuzsanna Toronyi, Hungarian Jewish Archives, Budapest at the conference in Jerusalem, June 2012 © National Library of Israel.

The European Research Libraries Annual Seminar held on 30 October at the British Library, featured a presentation on ‘Judaica Europeana – a Case Study’ by Rachel Heuberger of Frankfurt University Library. Dr Heuberger highlighted the many challenges posed by the diversity of content, standards and working practices among the partners. It was a steep learning curve for the staff of the partner institutions, who exceeded the targets and delivered on time. The impact in terms of visibility on the world wide web for the partners' collections is very impressive: since the publication of its data in Europeana, the Frankfurt University Library reports a million hits a month!

British Library Consortium of European Research Libraries
Rachel Heuberger (left) and Lady Haskel (EAJC) at The European Research Libraries Annual Seminar at the British Library.

Further afield, Judaica Europeana was featured at The Mindlin Library, University of São Paulo, Brazil on 10 October when Dov Winer gave a wide-ranging presentation on ‘Libraries and Digital Humanities: Beyond Babel’.

Dov Winer
Dov Winer, Scientific Manager of Judaica Europeana speaking at the Mindlin Library, University of São Paulo.

A doctoral thesis inspired by Judaica Europeana

Anastasia Loudarou of the Jewish Museum of Greece has embarked on a doctoral thesis on the Greek Jewish Diaspora from the time of Alexander the Great until the reign of Emperor Justinian. Anastasia is a PhD candidate in the Department of History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has also been involved in fieldwork on the corpus of Jewish inscriptions in Greece in collaboration with Professor Nicholas de Lange of Cambridge University, a member of the Judaica Europeana Advisory Academic Group.

Jewish Museum of Greece coins
Ptolemaic coin depicting Amon, deity of the Egyptian pantheon and eagle © Jewish Museum of Greece.
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