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Judaica Europeana is a growing network of 25 heritage institutions, led by the European Association for Jewish Culture in London, which will bring digitized Jewish content collections to Europeana – a portal of Europe’s museums, archives and libraries. The principal aim of Judaica Europeana is to provide an integrated digital platform for the collections of books, documents, manuscripts, periodicals, audio recordings, artwork, photographs, postcards and posters dispersed across Europe and beyond.

Carl Mayer Rothschild A portrait of Carl Mayer von Rothschild, son of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the banking dynasty which originated in Frankfurt on Main. Friedrich Carl Vogel, ca. 1840 © Universitätsbibliothek, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt/Main

illustrated record label 1940s illustrated 78 rpm record Oifn Pripetshik sung by Ben Baruch, orchestra directed by R. Cloerec, SATURN RECORDS nr S-207/P-516

The digitization of Judaica Europeana partnersʼ collections has proceeded apace over the last year alongside the harmonization of their metadata. Once the collections‘ databases have been uploaded, the users will be able to find and view each and every object together with its cataloguing data.

The first batch of Judaica Europeana collections uploaded on Europeana included a substantial part of the Freimann Collection at the Frankfurt University Library, which was the largest Judaica collection on the European continent before 1933. This collection is of exceptional value as a historical resource. It reflects Jewish life in Europe as well as the relations of Jews to non-Jews in pre- and post-Emancipation times. Access the collection here.

The Paris Yiddish Centre’s Medem Library, which holds the largest Yiddish collection in Europe, has uploaded over 4,000 audio recordings (78 and 33 rpm) of most popular songs from East-Central Europe. The collection includes Yiddish songs, klezmer music, synagogue choral music and songs from the repertoire of the Yiddish theatre and musical comedies. Listen to the songs here.

disc linkOne of the many gems in this wonderful collection of Jewish music is Reyzele, a song by the influential songwriter and poet Mordechai Gebirtyg (1877-1942) about a young man's love for his Reyzele. Click on this disc to play the recording.

From the Centre Français des Musiques Juives in Paris comes the collection of 14,000 sound recordings. The Centre’s entire collection consists of 40,000 recordings as well as sheet music (including hand-written scores from synagogues or family collections), books, photographs, engravings and videos. Some of these recordings are rare, some are unique, such as the 78 rpm discs issued in the late 1940s.

The next batch of collections to be uploaded will come from the Jewish museums in London, Amsterdam and Athens. Further installments are due from the Alliance Israélite Universelle and the Hungarian Jewish Archives. Large quantities of other resources will come online later this year.

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