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Judaica Europeana partners
    Judaica Europeana partners in front of the Dohanyi Street synagogue, Budapest, May 2011.
    Front row (from left): Maria Teresa Natale, Jean-Claude Kuperminc, Lena Stanley-Clamp, Guila Cooper, Zsuzsanna Toronyi.
    Back row: our guide, Ariel Polyak, Dow Winer, Marzia Piccininno, Pier Giacomo Sola, Svenja Pokorny, Nasos Drosopulos,
    Rachel Heuberger, Agnieszka Reszka, Anastasia Loudarou, Elizabeth Selby, Tamas Paszternak, David Klein
Partners' meetings and events

Judaica Europeana holds partnersʼ meetings, workshops, conferences and other events. The partners participate in conferences on Jewish studies and the latest developments in web technology.

Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue
The Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue, late Secessionist style, completed in 1913.

Letter of invitation sent in 1835 by the Jewish Community of Pest to Schwab Löw, Rabbi of Prosnitz. Schwab served as the Rabbi of Pest from 1835-1858. © Hungarian Jewish Archives

Maria Terese Natale
Maria Teresa Natale at La Sapienza University, Rome, April 2011

Partners' meetings
The partners met last February at the Alliance Israélite Universelle in Paris. A highlight of the meeting was the presentation on Linked Data: Exposing your Data on the Web and Collaborative Work by Milan Stankovic and Philippe Laublet of STIH -Université Paris-Sorbonne.

The partners met again in May at the Hungarian Jewish Archives in Budapest. A workshop on the new Europeana Data Model (EDM) was led by Nasos Drosopulos of the National Technical University of Athens. Our hosts organized a captivating tour of the Jewish Quarter and the newly refurbished premises of the Jewish archives.

Conferences and workshops
An international conference on The work and impact of Leopold Zunz (1794-1886), the founder of Jewish Studies, was held in March in Halle Wittenberg. Organized by Prof. Giuseppe Veltri, member of the Judaica Europeana Advisory Group, the conference focused also on the impact of digitization of Jewish historical resources. In this context, Rachel Heuberger presented Judaica Europeana and the contribution of the Judaica Collection of the Frankfurt University Library.

A conference entitled Online: Europeana e Judaica Europeana Le Città, la Cultura e il Contributo Ebraico all’Europe was held in April at La Sapienza University in Rome to discuss the potential of Judaica Europeana and other digital resources for Jewish studies. It was organized by Laura Quercioli Mincer on behalf of the European Association for Jewish Culture. The speakers included scholars from La Sapienza and other Italian universities, as well as Judaica partners Pier Giacomo Sola of Amitie (Bologna), Maria Teresa Natale and Marzia Piccininno of MiBAC (Rome).

An international workshop Toward a Pan-European Survey of Archives with Jewish Collections was held at the University of Southampton under the auspices of the Rothschild Foundation (Europe) in April. The presentations discussed the current state of Jewish archives and the challenges facing them. Lena Stanley-Clamp of the European Association for Jewish Culture presented the work of the Judaica Europeana network focusing on archival collections.

The INFO conference, held in Tel Aviv in May, is an annual event which brings together all Israel’s players in the information market, academic libraries and international publishers. Dov Winer of the European Association for Jewish Culture presented Judaica Europeana’s background and technological developments.

Forthcoming events include workshops on the Semantic MediaWiki and the Haskala Database Project on 11 August in Jerusalem under the auspices of the National Library of Israel and Judaica Europeana, and on 26 September in London, organized by e-Research Centre at King’s College in association with the British Library.

A Judaica Europeana workshop on Digital Humanities and the Study of Jewish History and Culture will be held on 31 October in London at the British Library.

A full list of events can be found on the Judaica Europeana events page

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